Friday, October 29, 2010

Swiss Ball : a story

Hello  Everyone,
I am a versatile device,  I was born in 1960's not from the human womb but from a human mind of a Italian Plastic Company.

I have different names, but I am famous only after a name coined by a Physiotherapist from United States in 1980's.

Some says I am being used extensively in Switzerland, So they call me in that name.

"I am"  being widely used around the world now a days, from light aerobic classes to professional athletic training institutions, as more and more people learn the benefits of using "ME".

Many movement scientists (Physiotherapists) says various benefits can be expected from using "ME" like

  •   Enhanced Balance
  •   Improved Posture & support around joints
  •   Greater Muscle strength, power & endurance
  •   Greater Flexibility and Range of Movement in Joints
  •   Improved metabolism, Body weight control
  •   Prevention of muscle and Joint Atrophy (Loss of Muscle Mass)                                      caused by ageing
  •   Reduced Risk of Injury 

How one can Choose "MY" Correct Size

    Height                  Ball size required
    Up to 5'6"            55 cm (22 inches) 
    5'7"- 6'."               65 cm (26 inches) 
    6'1"- 6'9"              75 cm (30 inches)  

Found any Clue ??


"I am"

"The Swiss Ball"


Dr.N.Rajan. said...

The Swiss Ball has been well written and is useful for anytime interested in Fitness and Well Being

Dr Koushik Iyer said...

thanks a lot sir.. Very much happy.. a tiny sap from your shadow.. needs your blessings..
Thanking you,