Friday, October 15, 2010

Classification of Impingement Syndrome According to Neer

Stage 1: Edema and Hemorrhage

Typical age               <25
Differential diagnosis Subluxation
                                    A/C arthritis
Clinical course            Reversible
Treatment                   Conservative

Stage 2: Fibrosis and Tendinitis

Typical age                  25–40
Differential diagnosis  Frozen shoulder
                                     Calcium deposits
Clinical course             Recurrent pain with activity
Treatment                    Consider bursectomy
                                     C/A ligament division

Stage 3: Bone Spurs and Tendon Rupture

Typical age                   <40
Differential diagnosis   Cervical radiculitis
Clinical course              Progressive disability
Treatment                     Anterior acromioplasty
                                      Rotator cuff repair