Monday, October 10, 2011

Dr Kenneth Cooper (Father of Aerobics)

About Cooper

What’s in a name?  In the case of health and wellness, everything. 

That name is Cooper.

Kenneth H. Cooper, M.D., M.P.H., pioneered the concept of preventive medicine and continues to be an international authority on how to live a healthy lifestyle. For anyone who has seen him in action, at age 80, he is a living, breathing example of what consistent exercise, proper nutrition, proper supplementation, maintaining a healthy weight and stress management can do for a person. He preaches these pillars as ways to achieve the best quality and quantity of life possible… and he’s experiencing both.

And no doubt you’ve heard the word “aerobics” before—a term coined by Dr. Cooper. He invented the revolutionary fitness concept and introduced it to the world through his 1968 bestseller Aerobics. Dr. Cooper has seen aerobics’ highs and lows for 41 years—from influencing professional athletics to being confused for dance fads. It’s been lauded and loved, misunderstood and (let’s face it) misspelled, too.

But Dr. Cooper, the “father of aerobics,” has persevered through it all. He has lived his life to help improve the lives of others. And he chose to concentrate his world-reaching efforts in the heart of North Dallas at the renowned Cooper Aerobics Center.  

Cooper Aerobics Center in Dallas is an international leader in health and wellness research, education, products and services—all designed to help people achieve optimum health and fitness at every stage of life. Founded in 1970, Dr. Cooper had the foresight to start The Cooper Institute first to base all on his work on research and establish scientific legitimacy from "faddism."

Today, the 30-acre Cooper Aerobics Center is home to The Cooper Institute 501(c)(3) and seven integrated companies. A second location—Cooper Aerobics Center at Craig Ranch—opened in 2006 in McKinney, Texas.

Dr. Cooper is not alone in his quest to help individuals and company executives and employees live healthier, happier lives.  He is joined by his son, Tyler C. Cooper, M.D., M.P.H., and more than 550 employees committed to delivering the highest level of caring, compassionate customer service.

We invite you to "Get Cooperized!” for a better life.