Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What do you think about Physiotherapists ??????

Physiotherapists work to prevent, rehabilitate and treat movement disorders. In order to do this they work with those parts of the body that are involved in movement: muscles, tendons, joints, the nervous system, the circulatory system, and respiration.
The mentally ill can also benefit from physiotherapy. One of the cornerstones of physiotherapy is the integrated nature of body and mind. Working with physical aspects will thus influence perceptual, intellectual and emotional aspects.

Physiotherapy is practised at all hospitals  both in physiotherapy departments and in other wards

On a local level physiotherapy treatment is offered at institutions for children, for the elderly, and for the handicapped. In the case of special needs, treatment can be offered at home.

Physiotherapy clinics offer treatment, prophylactic training and rehabilitation on an outpatient basis following referral from a doctor.

Some examples of the methods a physiotherapist can use: coordination training, fitness and endurance training, stretching, muscle strengthening, massage, joint mobilisation, treatment with various electrical devices, instruction in ergonomics, body-awareness training, breathing exercises, instruction concerning the need for and use of aids, and general as well as specific consultation

OuR National Anthem - Greatest Nobel Laureate - Rabindranath Tagore, Bengal

Hindi lyrics (Devanagari script)
जन-गण-मन अधिनायक, जय हे
पंजाब-सिंधु गुजरात-मराठा,
द्रविड़-उत्‍कल बंग,
विन्‍ध्‍य-हिमाचल-यमुना गंगा,
तव शुभ नामे जागे,
तव शुभ आशिष मांगे,
गाहे तव जय गाथा,
जन-गण-मंगल दायक जय हे
जय हे, जय हे, जय हे
जय जय जय जय हे।

Hindi lyrics (Romanization)
Jana-gana-mana-adhinayaka, jaya he
Tava shubha name jage,
Tava shubha asisa mange,
Gahe tava jaya gatha,
Jana-gana-mangala-dayaka jaya he
Jaya he, jaya he, jaya he,
Jaya jaya jaya, jaya he!

English translation
Thou art the ruler of the minds of all people,
Dispenser of India's destiny.
Thy name rouses the hearts of Punjab, Sind,
Gujarat and Maratha,
Of the Dravida and Orissa and Bengal;
It echoes in the hills of the Vindhyas and Himalayas,
mingles in the music of Jamuna and Ganges and is
chanted by the waves of the Indian Sea.
They pray for thy blessings and sing thy praise.
The saving of all people waits in thy hand,
Thou dispenser of India's destiny.
Victory, victory, victory to thee.