Sunday, June 20, 2010

World Physical Therapy Day

WCPT has designated 8th September, the date WCPT was founded in 1951, as World Physical Therapy Day.

The day marks the unity and solidarity of the physical therapy community from 101 countries around the world. It is an opportunity to recognise the work that physical therapists do for their patients and community. WCPT aims to support member organisations in their efforts to promote the profession and to advance their clinical expertise, using World Physical Therapy Day as a focus.
Celebration of the day is entirely voluntary.  Many WCPT member organisations already have designated national physical therapy days, weeks and months and it is not the intention that these be changed to accommodate the world day. However, organisations that have not designated a day may choose to use 8th September.

World Physical Therapy Day 2009 activities - India

A number of institutions across India celebrated World Physical Therapy Day on 8 September 2009. Details of just some of these events are provided below:

Amity Institute of Physiotherapy, Amity University

Like every year, this year the Amity Institute of Physiotherapy celebrated World Physical Therapy Day at the Amity Campus. A seminar was organised at which distinguished physical therapists presented their views on the vital areas of the profession. The event generated much press coverage highlighting physical therapists’ scope of practice and the role they play in areas such as cardio vascular disease and obesity. Download a report and photos of the events. Read press cuttings [1.76mb].

Physiotherapy Private Practitioners’ Group

The Physiotherapy Private Practitioners’ Group (PPG) in India celebrated World Physical Therapy Day with the following events:
  • an article titled ‘Today is World Physical Therapy Day’ was published in an Indian newspaper
  • posters were displayed at parks, corporate offices, temples and public buildings, giving details of when to visit a physiotherapist
  • seminars on ‘Physiotherapy management & pain prevention” and “Exercises to help delay in aging’ were delivered
  • free physiotherapy camps were held

Dr M V Shetty College of Physiotherapy

To celebrate World Physical Therapy Day, the Dr MV Shetty College of Physiotherapy organised a workshop in collaboration with the Sports and Fitness Training Federation of India on 8th September 2009. The topic for the workshop was "Teaching Methodology" and a poster was made to promote the occasion.

McKenzie Institute

McKenzie India celebrated World Physiotherapy Day by organising a McKenzie overview programme in Pune on 5th September, at DY Patil Physiotherapy College, Pimpri. The overview lasted 3 hours and was supported by a PowerPoint presentation from the McKenzie Institute International, New Zealand. The event was well attended and successful.

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