Saturday, November 15, 2008

Core Stabilzation

Arm and Leg Exercises whilst Contracting the Deep Stabilisers

The whole point of the Core Strenthening Programme is to
increase the support for your back and trunk in order to provide a
more stable base for arm and leg movement. The best position to
start these exercises is on all fours.

Commence by contracting the deep stabilisers (as described in
Stage 1) and hold this contraction. Then raise your right arm straight out to the horizontal. Perform the movement slowly and
in a controlled fashion - there should be no wobbling or unwanted
movement of the trunk. Hold the arm up for four seconds and
then slowly lower.

Repeat for the left arm.

Next, whilst maintaining the same position, contract the deep
stabilisers and then slowly lift your right leg up straight to the
horizontal. Hold it there for four seconds and then slowly lower.
The movement should be controlled and there should not be
unwanted movement of the trunk or pelvis.

Repeat for the left leg.

Once you have mastered these exercises, whilst maintaining a
contraction of the deep stabiliser muscles, you can start doing the
core strengthening gym exercises.


Anand Maharaj said...

Hi Koushik... I read all your Post on 'Physio for Fitness' and felt that it's really useful and gives more information regarding physiotherapy. I hope, you will continue to post more useful Blogs in this regard. Best wishes... Your Picture is really nice... Ask your "Monkey" friend to view your picture once more...

Anonymous said...

Hi anna.
Your blog is very useful to everyone who reads it.
Even my backbone needs some exercise.
Good going anna.
I hope you will do more and more innovations in your interest.